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AdminToys Suite 2012

Complex remote management solution designed for your network.

Allows you to centralized monitor computer's performance and reliability, manage processes remotely, inventory computers in your network for hardware configuration, view remote desktop, track and limit disk space usage, synchronize computer clocks, restart/shutdown/power on network computers, execute commands remotely, configure network adapters remotely, dump your network computer's statistic to CSV, TXT or HTML. Find 18 network tools inside.
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InTouch Lock 3.7

Restrict access to your PC and private data.
InTouch Lock is an award-winning, versatile and comprehensive security solution for home users and system administrators alike to restrict access to the PC and sensitive information on it. This password-protected security utility allows you to block access to files, folders, disks, applications, Web resources, Control Panel modules, Internet Explorer parameters, Desktop, Start menu and much more. Multi-user and multi-profile support. Built-in scheduler. Event logging. Stealth-mode support. Multilingual convenient and friendly interface.
Windows 7 compatible!
Ability to lock USB Flash drives, memory cards, external HDDs and CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD drives and recorders. Block website's content. Predefined security profiles. Now InTouch Lock protects Windows XP Safe Mode too. Animated clock when the screen is locked. More...
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Lovely Folders 4.3

Make your folders different. Make them lovely.
Lovely Folders is a powerful utility to customize your Windows folders. Using this handy program you can replace the standard folder icon for individual folders with any eye-catching icon you wish, chosen from hundreds of built-in colorful icons or generated automatically by internal IconConverter depending on the content of a folder (music, video, images, etc.). Moreover, Lovely Folders can change folder background! Your individual folders now may have a background image - just like your desktop. In addition, you can replace the system-defined standard folder icon, set an info tip for folders, rebuild the system icon cache, search for icons on your computer and much more.
Included 3 icon packs. Windows 7 compatibility
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InTouch Lock 3.7 has been released!  
AdminToys Suite 2012 has been released!  
InTouch Lock 3.6 has been released!  
Lovely Folders 4.3 has been released!  


"...Bring lovely, inspiring, and productive atmosphere to your desktop"

"The best among the like."

"InTouch Lock is a uniquely functional and reliable tool that will make sure none of your confidential or business information leaks out from your PC!"

User opinions

"...For a long time I searched for quality and cheap security software and now I have found it. Powerful features, stable work, plus easy-to-use and pretty interface of InTouch Lock completely satisfies my needs. Thank you!"
Daniel Gross
"InTouch Lock - awesome tool for administrators!"
Paul Reed
"...Excellent piece of software... I've secured all the computers with InTouch Lock in my computer lab."
Brett Cohen
"Lovely Folders is the best shell tool I have ever seen. Its icon converter is amazing!"
Jessica S.
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